Artist: Quebec, Ike
  Title: "Bossa Nova Soul Samba"
  Media: Compact Discs
  Label: CAP
  Rel: 2007-08-28
 List: $12.98 (Save 23%)
 Your Price: $9.95

 Review 1
This program of sultry, minor-key music with a Brazilian tinge seems to have inspired Ike Quebec, who was suffering from advanced cancer that would claim his life three months later. But here his big-toned, impassioned tenor is intact. Quebec's take on the bossa nova craze that exploded that year (1962) is more muscular than Stan Getz's and doesn't rely on the familiar Jobim and Gilberto songs of the day. He and Kenny Burrell solo over the sly, subtle rhythms of Wendell Marshall, Willie Bobo, and Garvin Masseaux. Three alternate takes have been added to the original album.
Ike Quebec - Tenor Sax
Kenny Burrell - Guitar
Wendell Marshall - Bass
Willie Bobo - Drums
Garvin Masseaux - Chekere
Loie 3:08
Lioro Tu Despedida 2:59
goin' Home 5:40
Me 'n You 5:57
Liebestraum 3:40
Shu Shu 3:30
Blue Samba 5:15
Favela 4:00
Linda Fior 3:27
Loie (alt take) 3:31
Shu Shu (alt take) 3:18
Favela (alt take) 3:21

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