Artist: Smith, Jimmy
  Title: "Midnight Special"
  Media: Compact Discs
  Label: CAP
  Rel: 2007-08-28
 List: $12.98 (Save 23%)
 Your Price: $9.95

 Review 1
Jimmy Smith's April 25, 1950 session, with the perfect cast of Stanley Turrentine, Kenny Burrell, and Donald Bailey, produced these two classic albums that are the pinnacle of the organ-tenor style. A perfect selection of material played at the perfect tempo by great musicians who connect on the deepest, most soulful level. Not a bad day's work!
Stanley Turrentine - Tenor Sax
Jimmy Smith - Organ
Kenny Burrell - Guitar
Donald Bailey - Drums
Midnight Special 9:54
A Subtle One 7:42
Jumpin' the Blues 5:26
Why Was I Born 6:32
One O'Clock Jump 7:00

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